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Coop started on Monday which has slowed my progress on the game unfortunately. I have also gotten a bit sick – which is never fun. :(

BUT despite the setbacks there are a few new features! Yaay!

Well, okay, they are not exactly visual, nor are they ground breaking, but they are new! Mostly its refactoring of code, making it all pretty and such. There are a few changes to the way the game works, especially with regards to key and mouse bindings. This allows selection and actions to be better differentiated by using the left and right mouse keys receptively.

I have also made progress on creating ship action objects, which are basically the objects on the ship that the characters can interact with. Some objects that can be interacted with are: ship wheel, cannons, sails, beds, etc.

What are my next plans?

Next I am going to start adding the effects of usage of the various action objects. This means that If you have someone at the wheel, the ship received an evade and speed bonus in combat (which will eventually come!), or If there is someone in the bed they regenerate health.

Afterwards I think that some action will be necessary between the ships! So basically… WEAPONS & CANNONS! I am quite excited for this one :D

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