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And Action!

Let there be action!

A few things have changed since the last post. I now have little icons that represent the characters on the bottom of the screen. They currently use the same image as the characters themselves, but when I get to the graphics that will be changed! These are clickable and will select the character they correspond to. This makes it easy to select your characters in one place instead of hunting them down on the ship.

I also now support objects that trigger actions. These are objects that can be used by a character and they are used to perform various actions around the ship such as firing cannons and steering the ship. Pretty straightforward.

Currently I have one action object on my ship – the steering wheel. I can have one person using it at any time. This starts a clock that determines when that action will be triggered. In this case it takes 5 seconds for the “ESCAPE” button to popup if there is someone using the wheel. If the character leaves and comes back, the timer is reset.

Clicking the button doesn’t really do much just yet… it merely writes “Button pressed!” into my console so far, but hey you have to start somewhere!

So here is my new updated list of things I want to accomplish, and below are some screenshots.

  • Make the action buttons do stuff! (Yeah!)
  • Progress bars for action objects
  • Start working on cannons and their action objects –  make them be able to fire on the other ship!
  • More actions!!
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