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Bobbin Decorating I

My grandma gave me 25 pairs of wooden bobbins to use for Bobbin Lacing a while back and my mom recently taught be how to use them! I am super excited to start using them but felt that they first needed a little bit more personality before I started. I decided that since they are not varnished and are plain light wood they would be perfect for wood burning designs on!

I have 2 different styles of bobbins: 12 pairs of one and 13 pairs of the other. I thought it would be best to work of 4 pairs at a time to not be overwhelmed with 1 pair extra.

And so I began drawing out some designs. It took a while to get used to drawing on the slated surfaces, especially since I brilliantly decided to start with parallel straight lines…

Now its time for some wood burning! After some practice I managed to make the following two sets so far. They aren’t perfect but I quite like the results so far!

Now I have 4 more sets of 4 pairs + 1 pair extra. Its long work but I think they will be perfect once I finish them. Then finally I can use them for what they were meant for in the first place, heh.

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