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Crochet Agave Succulent Plant

My brother is terrible at keeping plants. He has killed almost every plant that he was given, including mine which he was suppose to watch for a few months while I was away. You can imagine how that went. He managed to kill a cactus! I am still unsure how that happened. Thus I have decided that he needs more non-killable plants instead. The first one I chose to make is a Agave succulent, a very pretty plant and easy to crochet!

You can see it was fairly repetitive really, making multiple petals in 3 sizes and then sowing it all together. I made a little pot on the bottom as well so it could stand up straight as well as a cute little flower to make it a little more colorful. I think next time I will use multiple shades of green for different layers.

For more information on the pattern and yarn and such check out the Ravelry page!

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