DnD – Session 1

A few weeks ago I have started my first DnD campaign as a DM. The results were better then I could have hoped for! I had a nice starting story set up for the characters to get the characters get into the feel of the game and expose them to different elements of the gameplay. Now this is a purely made up campaign by me and thus sometimes I improvise and create story lines on the spot. Never the less my players seem to enjoy it!

The Players

Farryn Naïlo

Born of a large noble house in Bydale, Farryn was being forced to marry by her family. She met Lee Sin in her city, who has persuaded her to run away with him to escape her arranged marriage and travel the world.

Lee Sin

Born in Azmar, Lee was raised by monks due to being an orphan. He studied as a monk but unfortunately was kicked out by professor Zed. He left his school to become a bounty hunter and eventually came across Farryn and helped her escape. Together they travel and take off jobs to make money.


Zed woke up one day not knowing who he was and how he got to where he is. He knew he used to be a powerful magician but unfortunately doesn’t remember anything about his life.

Brad the Bard

Brad is a travelling musician as his family has been killed by orcs long before. He likes to drink and steal money from the drunk around him. One day he woke up in Lee’s backpack after a very eventful night, although he does not remember how he got there.

The Story

The setting for the start of the campaign took place in Nilin, a major port in the world. The characters were around the Crystal Fountain when they heard a commotion starting to happen. Two wizards have started fighting around the crystal, throwing curses and spells between each other. Unfortunately one of the spells managed to hit the crystal statue in the middle of the fountain and was reflected in many different directions, hitting random people. The spell itself managed to hit all of the PCs (what are the odds of that happening?) and an NPC standing around.

The characters found themselves teleported to an unknown place, locked in a cell. As they explored the ruined dungeon they discovered very strange and creepy things that have happened there. They discovered some sort of lair where a wizard did experiments on people. There were many strange dolls thrown about the dungeon. The PC’s managed to persuade the NPC to do some very strange things that eventually got him severely burned, scarred and severely traumatized. They knocked him out and left him lying in a pool of blood. After fighting some rats, and Lee managing to use a pool of blood as a slip and slide while Bard was under a cauldron, the characters found a room that was absolutely filled with dolls everywhere, and one glowing doll suspended in mid-air in the middle of the room. Of course Zed goes and touches the doll which then tears his soul into two, trapping half his soul in the doll. Zed now can feel and see anything the doll does as well as what he himself does.

Using his new doll, Zed manages to free the characters from the room only to get into more trouble. They find the room where the with herself was buried with a doll. Upon some stumbling around the room they manage to wake up a few rotting corpses that try to kill them. The group manages to survive, Zed breaks a few dolls’ heads for no reason, and then the dungeon begins to become incredibly unstable. The group find a way to escape the dungeon into the world and find themselves on the edge of The Devil’s Plains, a twisted and evil place. Did I mention that they never went and took the NPC with them? No? Well he died there. All burned, scarred and knocked out. Poor man.

The group set fire to the nearest, and very dry, bushes and spend a few hours running away from it. The group observes some very strange lights that only the elves seem to see, and thus the half-elf only half sees. These lights eventually disappear and the group moves on. They stumble upon a large pillar with strange markings and a table holding curious objects. The objects seem to be filled with an evil spell can cause harm to those using them. The pillar’s markings ended up matching some found on a piece of paper Zed stole from the witch’s lair before they escaped. Upon some trial and error they activate the stone, touch the markings that correspond to the paper and are teleported to another stone in a snowy part of the world. Using the rest of the papers they manage to do this a few more times before coming to a stone on a large mountain. Unfortunately they are not able to figure out how to activate this stone and end up going down the mountain.

As they climb down the mountain, they find stairs that wrap around another mountain range right beside it and a group of elf pilgrims walking along them. One of the elf pilgrims stops to talk to them and immediately gets put off by the strong feeling of evil due to the objects the group found at the first portal stone. He immediately gets scared and runs off as it is illegal to be in possession of evil objects in this region, which turns out to be close to Bydale. The group head down the stairs, opposite direction to the pilgrim until they reach the end. Carvings on the walls as they head down tell the pilgrimage of the God of life and the elves making the journey up the mountain to a large shrine where they bring gifts to their God. Once reaching the bottom, the group find an intersection and head towards Bydale as it is the closest major city. Farryn is very against the idea due to having run away from there from her arranged marriage but is forced to go along.

After some travelling the group decides to make camp beside the road in order to rest for the night. Unfortunately some guards that have been told of traverellers carrying illegal items from the pilgrims were walking by and found the group. They took them into custody and questioning into the city of Bydale. Everyone except Farryn was put into jail to await a trial, while Farryn was taken away to prepare for her arranged marriage. The group was taken in for their hearing after a few days and the council of elf elders declared that they are to be stripped of their items as their story seems plausible. They were warned not to be caught with such items in the future. They have also mentioned the doll and are unsure of how to unbind the curse.

The group is let go at this point and they begin to plan how to rescue Farryn from her marriage… and that is where the story ends for this session!

DM’s Thoughts

As the DM, I am quite happy with how the session went. There was a lot of story and not much fighting but it gives me a few good ideas of how I want to push the story forward with these developments. Hopefully everyone enjoyed the first session as well. There were obviously some things that could have been improved but I believe its a great start to the adventure.


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