DnD – Session 2

Another session with Lee Sin, Farryn Naïlo, Brad and Zed. Today a new character also joins the group: Evelyn, a rogue elf distantly related to Farryn.

The Story Continues…

The group is let go from the elven prison and out onto the streets. Of course the first thing that must happen is that Zed goes on to pee on a homeless man and his “house”. The homeless man is not impressed by this and begins to scream obscenities and attracts the guard, who are close by as the characters just left the prison. Zed tries to intimidate the homeless man and then the prison guards, who then in turn threaten to throw them back into the jail they just came out of. Of course the group was not happy about this and moved on from the scene.

The characters wander to a nearby tavern for some drinks and discussion of how to rescue Farryn. With some debate, and bribing a drunk prostitute to come with them, they set off for the palace in which Farryn is held captive. During their walk there they meet a mysterious elf woman, Evelyn. She reveals that she is one of Farryn’s maids and was sent out by her to find the group to help them.

Evelyn reveals the passageways used by the maids to help them sneak into the palace undetected. The group decides to hide in laundry baskets and be rolled into the palace in order to come undetected. With a few close calls with the other maids and some guards, the group make it to Farryn’s room and reveal themselves, and of course the drunken prostitute is still with them. As Farryn hurries to get her things, the prostitute passes out on her bed, and it was decided to leave her there as a distraction.

Using the laundry baskets the group leave the palace and race down to the nearest safe spot to hide: a laundry room. And that is where our story ends for the session. A successful heist was accomplished. The only problem left is to leave the elven city unnoticed.

New Players


Distantly related to Farryn. She works as a maid in Farryn’s palace however she has an agenda of her own to retrieve a long lost family heirloom. She is trying to track it down while serving in the city however her search has been fruitless so far.

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