DnD – Session 3

After their daring rescue mission the group needs to find a way to get out of the city unnoticed. A plan is devised and the characters are off to find freedom and adventure.

The Story

The group stars off in the laundry room where we left off last time. Having just rescued Farryn and leaving a drunk prostitute in her place to hopefully cause a large enough distraction for their escape. The group decide that the side gates to the city are the way to go due to the increase of patrols around the main gates and off they went through the streets.

Walking through so many alleyways and keeping hidden was quite difficult and the group found themselves in multiple close situations. The city guard would recognize Farryn easily and thus she had to be kept hidden.

One alleyway in particular lead by a homeless woman and the group had no choice but to walk by her. She looked old and frail and blind but somehow she managed to point out some very obvious items the group was carrying. In particular she could “see” Zed’s doll. The woman seemed quite crazy and out of her mind, talking about how she “sold her vision to the devil” so she can see the other dimension. She pointed out that the doll was cursed and had a dark feeling about it. Zed was not happy with the knowledge, especially when told that it now carries half his soul according to the woman. She mentioned that the only thing that can be used to repair the soul is to sew it back together using Dragon’s Hair. By that she explained that it actually grew on very special trees. Having none of this crazy talk the group decided to move on before she started spewing off more crazy stories.

Arriving at the gates the group had to inconspicuously walk through a few at a time as to not seem suspicious. The guards stopped some of them for questioning but not much came out of it and let them go.

Thus the group begins their travels through the forest, staying clear of any major roads and getting as far away as possible. The travel for a couple of days without problems, but then one night have some unfriendly visitors. A pack of wolves has decided to be so bold and attack them during the night. The group is woken quickly though and suffer little injury in killing the beasts.

Then a few days after the wolf incident the group comes across a small town. It seems like a small fishing village with some very friendly inhabitants. They quickly make friends with the tavern owners and share a few drinks and meals. However upon investigating the rest of the town they all get an eerie feeling from the place. Like something is wrong. There was one house in particular that felt weird. They are unsure of why exactly but the group still decided to spend some time at the village to recover and continue with their travels afterwards.

Zed also begins to wonder more about the Dragon Hair and its significance and validity.

That is where today’s journey ended.

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