DnD – Session 4

A new player has joined the game today: Kara

Kara is a traveler, knowing much about urban legends and interesting places. She is on a mission to find pirate lords that have wronged her. Believing they are in Regan and needing a crew to get there she allies with the group.

The Story

The story picks up from last time, in the small fishing village. The group wakes up in the Inn only to find out that some of their friends have mysteriously disappeared. However they meet a new friend, Kara. She is a traveler with a boat, exactly what they’ve been looking for. They convince her to hire them as her new crew, as her last crew has been eaten by sharks (What a coincidence!).

The crew begins to make preparations to cast off, buying all sorts of supplies. Of course Zed and Lee decide that as a last fun idea they should try to rob the pharmacy (herbs store). They manage to knock out the store owner, grab a few jars of unknown herbs and then immediately get caught by a bunch of locals. They are urgently ushered out of town and told to never return. The group packs up and leaves as they have been told.

Upon boarding Kara’s ship, they discover a drunken man sleeping below decks. His name is Kyle, and he spent a majority of time sleeping and undressing himself as Zed demanded he be searched. Kyle passes out and is dragged into bed to sleep off his drunkenness. The group in the meantime start moving along the coast in search of something interesting.

A little while later they discover another port and stop by to check it out. The port was connected to an abandoned village, overgrown with weeds and utterly silent.

Before the group goes ashore, they bring Kyle’s drunk ass with them to ensure he doesn’t do anything stupid. They tie him to the boat upon arrival, he of course still being passed out. Zed also decided that he will eat half the contents of one of the stolen herbs and becomes increasingly high as they go ashore.

Zed, unable to walk at this point, is dragged into the town and left in the middle to fend for himself as the group search the area for any useful things. (and find very little). Kara climbs through the ceiling of a general store to gain passage into it as she believes something useful is inside. Upon falling through the ceiling she realized the general store is absolutely filled with rotting clothes. A very creepy place indeed. Rummaging through she discovers an interesting and yet plain ring. It feels magical, and yet upon wearing it nothing has changed.

Zed, still tripping balls, is meanwhile rolling around in the middle of the street. The trees start talking to him.

Lee is scavenging various other buildings and finds some liquid on the counters of the nearby Ill. Of course he drinks it and becomes quite tipsy.

Kara finally manages to get out of the building only to hear rusting in the nearby overgrown bushes. She starts backing up and regrouping with the rest of the group beside Zed. The rusting continues along with various other eerie noises. A half dead squirrel jumps through and runs around the village before the group decides they’ve had enough and start heading for the boat.

On the walk back a large beast leaps out. A centaur that seems incredibly angry. A fight occurs, and ends with Zed claiming both the centaurs eats and ingesting one. The group hears more centaurs in the distance and run to the boat.

Upon arrival, Kyle is gone, and so is the boat. The group is forced to swim to their ship and discover that Kyle, and a hooker, have came on aboard and managed to get even more drunk and pass out on the single cannon below decks. How the hooker got there? Nobody knows.

The group sail away, ending the session.

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