DnD World: Aellyn

The Map of Aellyn

Left Top

Dwarven/Gnome/Halfling Island

Major port/trade town
Composed of all races but mostly dwarves, gnomes and halflings

Inner mining city
Composed of mostly dwarves, gnomes and halflings
The small races are very protective of their city and dislike strangers. Lots of mining goes on in the mountains and the city is rich due to it.

Left Middle

Unknown Island

No one really knows what’s on the island and rumours say there are strange creatures roaming those lands.

Left Bottom

Elven Island

Major port/trade town
Composed of all races but mostly elves and humans

Inner elven city
Composed of mostly elves
Home of the Elder Council of elves.

Small port
Composed of mostly elves

Middle Top

Lost Island

Old major city that was abandoned. The island is cursed and only evil resides there. A volcano has formed near the city and is said to be the home of a ferocious dragon.

Middle Middle

Pirate Islands

Pirate port/trade town
Composed of all races that have turned into pirates.
The city is dangerous, has no rules and contains many criminals and outlaws. Most ships stay far away from the islands.


The Mire Sea
The largest network of trading routes passes through this sea between the three major ports. Being close to the pirate islands it is also a dangerous place to be.

Middle Bottom


Smog Bay
Perpetual smog due to being so close to the Devil’s Plains. Countless ships have been lost in those waters and thus most people stay far away from.


The Devil’s Horn
The long flat piece of land coming out from The Devil’s Plains. It is just as cursed and deadly as the plains but due to its shape it is called The Devil’s Horn.

Right Top

Cold Lands

Major human city
Composed of mostly humans and some dwarves
The coldest city, in almost year-round winter the city is a part of the defence against any evil coming from the Lost City (Mistlyn). Many dwarves also live here due to the close mountains with lots of mining opportunities,

Inner human city
Composed of mostly humans
City has very long winters.

Inner human city
Composed of mostly humans, but all races are found here
Woodvale is surrounded by large forests.

Right Middle

Shared Lands

Major port/trade town
Composed of all races
Largest city on Aellyn. It contains a large amount of wealth and is the best place for trade having a very strategic position. It is also between the Cold and Hot Lands.

Inner city
Composed of all races, mostly humans

Right Bottom

Hot Lands

Major city
Composed of all races but mostly elves and humans
Azmar is in the middle of a large desert and contains some of the most intelligent minds in the world other then the Elder Council of the elves. Major schools and libraries are in Azmar.

The Devil’s Plains
Between the three mountain ranges and Smog Bay lies The Devil’s Plain’s. It is said each mountain range has one of three witch sisters, all who despise one another. Their hate flows int the lands creating a very hostile and unpredictable land full of strange and evil creatures. No one wanders there.

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