Bobbin Lace – Bracelet Finished

First Bobbin Lace Bracelet!

Woo, I have managed to finish my very first proper bobbin lace project! Up until now I’ve just been taught the different techniques on small swatches and have never made a full product. Today is the day. I have some awesome progress pictures with lots of details. I am kinda impressed with myself at how well these pictures turned out… heh.

First is the bobbin winding! This was a bit of a pain because I had to do them all manually. They look so pretty when they are all ready to be used though!

Now for some real progress! I got this fairly dense foam that is working well. Its not as firm as I’d like but it’ll do for now I think. The setup is fairly simple, just tie up all the ends together and pin it all down. I made a bit of a braid so I can tie the bracelet together at the end. Then comes the actual work.

Lots and lots of pins later and many rounds of lacing and I have a finished bracelet! WOO! It’s not super even because I didn’t use a drawn pattern and just free-handed the distances, but hey for my first proper project I think its quite good! I put this bad boy on my hand right after I took my pictures.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures! There will be many more bobbin lace projects to come!

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