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Since I have now began my coop term – basically vacation for engineering students – I had much more time to start doing things I WANT to do. This means I could finally begin my game development! So far its been about half a week since I have begun development, and I am quite pleased with the results already. Unfortunately most of the work I have been doing is the framework and the code behind the actual game, and thus all I have to show are my terrible graphics.

The entire game is being developed in C++, something I’ve been meaning to do for a while. I use a very cool library that handles rendering graphics and multimedia for me called SFML, along with an extension for animation called Thor.

Basically the gameplay will be fairly straightforward, you are a ship with a random crew and you must travel the seas to find a hidden treasure. Along the way you encounter all sorts of pirates and other ships you must fight with cannons, or if you get boarded you must fight them with swords. You can always stop by some ports to hire more crew members or to fix your ship and buy new weapons.

So far here is some major things I have accomplished so far:

  • Map view where you are a ship and you get to choose which block to move to next
  • Randomly generate enemy based on block you enter
  • Fight/ship view where the fight will take place

Even though the list doesn’t seem like much, I am quite proud and very happy with my progress so far! So wish me luck as I shall be crawling back into my hole to continue development!

Oh and here are some silly pictures of my game…. heh it really does look quite crappy!



We now support a crew on the ship! Wooo!


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