Star Blanket Progress I

Star Blanket Progress I

So its been a while since I got to really do any crafts due to moving but I was able to finally do a progress photo of my Star Blanket! Well… its not quite a blanket yet. Im still in the process of making all my stars first before joining them all together. As you can see its just two colored piles so far.

Sooooooon my pretties you will be a blanket!

But really, this is taking forever. Also look at all those ends that have to be waved in. Sadness :(

For now though I am staying sane by not thinking of that and just slowly building up my star collection. Here are my counts so far:

24/24 – grey stars
22/22 – red stars
00/30 – purple stars
00/38 – blue stars

If you want to check out the yarn/pattern/etc. you can take a look at my Ravelry page for it!

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