World of Ethos – Part 1

The following posts will be a series on the newest D&D campaign that I started DMing. They will be the story as it happens in the world of Ethos and its inhabitants. The focus will be on 4 main players in the campaign, each of which has distinct personalities and goals. Sometimes there will be back-story posts to fill the reader in on something important, but overall things will be written down as they happen in each session. Enjoy!

A new adventure has started with a mismatched group of heroes that had found themselves in the same place at the same. It all starts in a small inn in the town of Yale. A town that has recently been plagued by mysterious disappearances of villagers and strange shapes at night. The daughter of the local Baron, Evelyn, has stepped up and offered a 50gp reward to anyone who can put a stop to the strange events. Her father, Baron Brianus, does not believe her or the towns people’s cries for help and instead hides in his manor.

A local inn welcomed 4 new faces one chilly evening, a large dark half-orc with the name of Blaargh, a suspicious and untrusting half-elf named Myriin, an eccentric wizard named Azkaban and a innocent looking halfling named Ander.

Due to Blaargh’s large nature he has immediately scared some of the inn’s customers away. Reluctantly though the bartender, Brandon, lets him stay and drink and eat. He became curious about the half-elf sitting nearby and decided to bring over a mug of ale. Myriin however was not so welcoming due to his hatred of orcs as his mother had been in killed in a orc raid in his childhood.

Amongst some unpleasant conversations between the two they notice that the local inn door started producing a strange light. The bartender becomes nervous at the sight as it glows brightly in the dark night. The customers at the inn are thoroughly scared and run out, disregarding the strange nature of the door and bust through it to get out. In the open doorframe now stands what looks like a child.

The bartender has had enough and orders the kid to leave, however he walks in and announces that he is a man. The bartender does not believe him and yells for him to leave. Blaargh however announces that it is his son and has him sit at his table with Myriin. Defeated, the bartender bring over food and drinks. At the sight of Blaargh, Ander is intrigued by what he is and his scars around his face. He asks about his background and why he is so ugly. He goes so far as to attempt to cure his wounds, however nothing changes about the half-orcs appearance. They chatter on for a few more hours until they rent a room for the night and go to sleep.

The next morning, after some breakfast, the party get ready to head out to Evelyn’s manor to get information about the mysterious events. Ander however feels mischievous and has a little fun with Blaargh by taunting him and moving out of his reach when he tries to retaliate. One of his pranks consisted of making Blaargh’s pants glow brightly, like the door the previous night. After a while Blaargh feels defeated and lets the little creature do his thing while he walks to the manor.

Upon arrival to the manor the three companions enter into the main hall after greeting a servant. It was a simple room with some tables, books and a throne-like chair placed in the back middle. The only rich things in the room were a luxurious floor rug and the throne itself. Myriin and Ander both dive straight into the books and notes scattered on the tables, finding all sorts of books on the local area, history of the region, some posters for the reward they were hoping to get and unintelligible letters.

Blaargh however spends his time looking out the window at a strange man that has approached the manor from the back. Azkaban has managed to get lost and tried to go through the back door after chasing a squirrel. Mischievously Blaargh locks the door and watches as Azkaban tries to break in the window to get in, however he failed to break the window completely and had his quarterstaff stuck in the broken window pane. He realizes his mistake and runs off.

Humorously, Blaargh grabs hold of the stuck quarterstaff in the window and tries to yank it out., however he fails. This prompts Myriin to attempt as well and does so with absolute ease. A smirk and a sheepish reply from Blaargh later he goes back to the books on the table.

Evelyn walk into the room at this point and is met with the scene. Myriin got so flustered at her entrance he dropped half the books from the table and they scattered on the floor around him. Blaargh merely watched and grinned and Andor continued his meticulous search through the books.

A knock on the window got everyone’s attention when Azkaban came back and attempted to reach through the broken window pane to open the door for himself. Blaargh, being nearby, couldn’t resist the opportunity to grab him by the arm and pull him through the rest of the window, shattering it.

Evelyn stood there, dumb-struck as the strange group of people composed themselves and come forward to listen to her problems. She explained that villagers have gone missing recently, along with animals and reportings of strange sights and sounds in the woods. She is convinced there is something wrong and offers a map to a local mystic named Thane that could help them. Thane is a recluse and has helped the town in the past, however he has not been seen in a while.

The group take the map and start on their way to Thane’s cabin deep in the woods, however along the way Azkaban requests that his staff be returned to him. Myriin refuses. Azkaban is unhappy and decides the best course of action is to charm Myriin and persuade him to give him his staff, with some interest – his gold. Blaargh, with Ander now riding in his backpack, notices the exchange and tries to intimidate the wizard. Azkaban uses charm on Blaargh as well. Now, together with his new found charmed friends, Azkaban marches forward to the cabin in the woods.

Upon arrival to the cabin, the group discover that the cabin has not been used in a long time. The firewood had weeds growing on them, the garden was overgrown and had littlek of value except for a few medicinal herbs, the well was filled with rocks and the cabin was filled with dust and dirt and nothing of value. The only interesting parts in the cabin were what looked like an enchanted chest that would only open if the correct passphrase was spoken, and some notes on the tables. The notes included a letter with the writing “Things are progressing well – BB”, a map with a noted X, and the same reward poster that has brought them all to the town in the first place. Myriin had also noticed that among the dust there was a clear path that led from the door to the desk and chest that looked like it had been walked on many times recently.

With some new found clues, the group decide to head back into town as it was getting dark. Azkaban, in all his brilliance, started a fire inside the hut however, and as they were leaving the hut slowly burned to the ground behind them. Ander took the opportunity to make Blaargh’s pants glow brightly once again for some light, while Azkaban lit a torch on the burning cabin.

In the dark, the bright pants and torch however made it hard to see, and they were surprised by a group of wolves that had surrounded the group. Myriin noted that the wolves seemed exceptionally aggressive, more then they should under normal circumstances.

After a fight, the wolves had been defeated, one of which had his entire leg cut off during combat and was beaten with it by Blaargh. The group take some pelts and teeth from the wolves and continue their journey back to the inn.

On arrival they have some dinner and ale and go to their rooms for a good night’s sleep. Except, Azkaban decided the best place to sleep was in the hay in the stable beside the inn, and Andor took to the closet in Blaargh’s room as it fit him perfectly.

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