World of Ethos – Part 2

Another session with the group brings us closer to understanding what has been happening in the town of Yane. More missing in the village force the group to search hard for clues and eventually discover some very scary information!

The day began with the group waking up in the inn and talking to the bartender who informed them of another 5 people who had gone missing overnight. One of the missing was the local drunk’s daughter, Jill. The group decided to search through their house for any possible clues left behind.

Conveniently the house was across the street from the inn. The group split up across the few rooms and searched around. Blaargh quickly went through each room until he had found Jills room. Inside he found some jewelry, which he pocketed, some love letters between her and a mystery man, and some books about magic. Azkaban was a bit more preoccupied with going through the kitchen and finding food, while Myriin stood watch. Ander barely went into the house and instead went outside to play with the chickens. He successfully caught a chicken and promptly tied a string to it claiming it is now his pet.

After some searching everyone regrouped near the chinkens to take a look at home someone may have broke in. A window to Jills bedroom and some suspicious tracks led them to believe she was taken out through there. Azkaban, still going through cooking supplies has also decided to kill a chicken to add to a soup he began preparing in the dirty kitchen.

The group eventually decide that the only way to figure out what is going on is to go to Evelyn and get any information out of her as they now suspected the baron of being involved. At the house, they realize something had happened as there were scattered books and pages all over the floors. There was a lot of damage and one of the expensive rugs was even missing from the floor. Evelyn informs them that the Baron had also gone missing along with the other villagers. The group do some investigative work around the house, specifically the Baron’s office and bedroom and find many books on learning magic and enchantments. Furthermore, they find many hand written notes as well as a sealed chest that had been magically sealed to be only opened by a passphrase, similar to the chest in Thane’s cabin in the woods.

The group remember the map they had taken from the cabin and show Evelyn, who informs them that it goes to the old mines that had been shut down many years ago due to too many cave-ins and dangerous situations. The group is suspicious and decide to head out to the mines.

The path to the mines is long and goes through a thick forest. However the forest felt very unnatural and eventually was so thick there was barely any light coming through. The closer the got to the mines the less animals were noticed, and the more eerie it became. Myriin also had noticed some very strange tracks crossing the road at times unlike anything he had seen before. It looked like many snakes in unison had crossed together,

The group came upon a small clearing at one point where they found large holes in the ground, out of which the same strange tracks had come out of, as if that was their origin. Azkaban, not wasting breath, quickly took a big dump in one of the holes, and placed a dagger pointing up into it. Then covering the whole thing with a rug he had previously stolen. This was his terrible attempt at a trap.

Continuing on they eventually make their way to the entrance of the mines. However before they can enter they find the same tracks leading to a group of trees near the entrance. Suspiciously they approached the trees, who then came to life! The trees uprooted their bodies and their roots had been making the strange tracks all along. The group had to fight through the unnaturally alive trees to then discover that a powerful magician had to have cursed the trees into becoming vicious monsters, most likely to protect the mine entrance.

Inside the mines, the group slowly sneaked through the many hallways to find a room that light coming out if its doors, as well as some sounds. Andor was chosen to sneak close by and figure out what was happening inside as he was the smallest of the group. From his point of view it looked like a horrible laboratory where someone was experimenting on what he assumed were the villagers. There was a bloody table with tools and notes, as well as large pile of clothing. There was also a man inside a large cage that seemed to have been driven mad by what he had seen.

The man responsible for the horrible actions had passed through the room and Andor was able to see him walk into a nearby room.

As the group silently came inside and talked with the man they realized he was in fact from the town nearby and that the clothes belonged to all the missing villagers. Me also mentioned that the Baron should be close by as well as he had seen him be dragged into another room.

Everyone prepared themselves for a battle as they swung open the door to the other room, only to find two things: another door and a man slouched on the group and shackled to the stone walls. The man was in and out of consciousness, but the group gathered that he was the Baron and he was confessing to doing something he should not have.

Azkaban the summoned a small spider to travel ahead into the other door to determine what was inside and found a muddy hallway that led straight for a very long time. Following the only path, the group came up to a ladder, and upon coming out at the top they had realized that they were standing in the middle of Thane’s burned down cabin. The chest they had previously found contained the ladder.

The group made a small camp nearby, and pondered what this had all meant while taking a quick rest for the night.

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