World of Ethos – Part 3

A new year brings a new session in this adventure. Andor, Myriin, Blaargh and Azkaban are ready to cause a bit more mischief while trying to understand what had happened in the small town of Yane. This session brought some big revelations and a new direction the group will be able to follow on their adventure!

Early morning after their big discovery the group start heading into town to take the Baron back. Unfortunately after the Baron revealed his involvement with the disappearances to them they were not so trusting and kept his hands tied up. The Baron told the group that he had asked Thane to help him create a charm-like potion he could use to gain favor back with his father – the king. Thane had apparently been using this as a means for his own experiments though and had been kidnapping people from the village. The group was not happy with this revelation. The Baron also revealed his password to the chest hidden in his closet they had found last time they looked through it.

Their path back to town took them near the graveyard, which had a particularly eerie feeling this morning. They had discovered that many of the graves had been dug up in a very particularly strange way, where the piles of dirt were perfectly placed behind the headstones. After some investigation they discover it was done using magic, most likely by Thane.

There were two graves that were left untouched, and when Blaargh came close by to figure out why a skeletal hand reached out and grabbed him! The skeleton pulled itself out of the ground and a fight broke out. A second skeleton had also come out of the other untouched grave.

Baron Brianus, being a coward, ran away as soon as the group became preoccupied with the skeletons. Despite the efforts of Azkaban, he managed to slip away into town.

After some fighting, and some poor aiming by Myriin, the skeletons lay motionless on the ground. The first grave was the grave of the wife of Baron Brianus, who had dies about 15 years prior, and contained a locket with a picture of Evelyn. The second grave was unnamed, and contained a ring with a crest of a wolf.

The group took the two items and proceeded into town where they discovered that the villagers had all gone missing, and most houses had been broken into and ransacked. They had found a few houses where people hid, but nobody was sure what had happened during the attack.

In the distance, Andor had heard screams coming from the house of Brianus, and they set forth to see what had happened. The house had some movement inside as they approached, and Andor snuck in to see what is happening. A few skeletons had broken in and were frantically searching for something. The group quickly disposed of them and proceeded to the bedroom of the Baron.

Inside the bedroom was another skeleton slashing at the wardrobe. After a swift kill they found Evelyn inside along with the locked chest. Using the password the Baron had given them the open the chest. Inside were many letters and a pendant, a box with an eye. Andor looked over the letters while the group asked Evelyn if she had seen her father, which she had not. They also asked her about the king, who she was not aware was related to her at all. They also told her about Thane’s and the Baron’s plans. Andor then revealed that the letters had contained two sets, one between the Baron and Thane where instead of a charm potion the Baron had asked for a way to poison the king. And the other set, which was between Thane and an unknown recipient, that documented his progress on his experiments on the villagers. The second set of letters all also contained the same symbol as the pendant in the box.

The group also showed Evelyn the ring they had found, which she told them had the marking of a high wizard of the court – the wolf crest. And the locket, which she said belonged to her mother. However that locket was also missing the picture of the Baron according on Evelyn. She asked for the locket back, and in exchange gave the reward money to the group. She wanted them to now travel to the king and let him know of what had happened in Yane.

The group gathered their belongings and stopped by the Inn they had previously stayed at. Inside they had discovered all the townspeople and let them know of what had happened. They had asked if anyone had seen the Baron pass through after he had ran away from them. Unfortunately no one had. The bartender tells them of a meeting he always goes to every month in a village nearby which seemed promising. They then find a comfortable place to sleep so that the next day they will be fresh to set out to the town and then to the king.

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