World of Ethos – Part 5

The group continue on their adventure to the city of Tuval, a major port in the kingdom, in order to find more adventure and figure out the mysteries of a cult they had unveiled.

Back on the main road after a rest the group continue their journey towards the city of Tuval, a major port city for the kingdom. Their travel on the road seems uneventful until they come across what looked like a broken down carriage on the side of the road.

The group quickly suspected an ambush and started investigating the surroundings. Azkaban attempted to turn invisible but was unsuccessful, but started a wide sweep of the area. He ran straight into the forests surrounding the site.
Ander, Blaargh and Myriin heard some strange weeping noises coming from the cart though and started their approach towards it. Ander went directly towards while Myriin and Blaargh went around. Coming closer revealed a hooded figure weeping beside the carriage, and Ander suspiciously tried to blind it by casting his Light spell on a nearby shrub. However he forgot that it would also blind him from seeing the hooded figure as well.

A loud hiss came from under the hood and a few draconic shouts later the group found themselves in the middle of a kobold ambush. Azkaban quickly attempted to disguise as a kobold while in the forest but was discovered by the leader of the ambush and was quickly outed as an enemy.

The kobolds swept in, dropping from trees and started an assault on the group. Luckily they were prepared for them and responded quickly to the charge.

Azkaban, running into the middle used his magical abilities to create a storm in the sky to scare off the attackers and managed to intimidate a few of the lower ranking kobolds. The chief however was not moved as he had already seem his transformation into their kind.

The fight continued and the group of heroes succeeded eventually with little damage. They managed to capture one of the kobolds as well to question him. Unfortunately he was not very cooperative and gave little information on what they wanted other then that they ambush travelers on the road. Blaargh got irritated at the slow progress and eventually ended the last kobold.

The cart they had seen on the side of the road seemed to be in decent shape still and was full of goods that were most likely headed towards the city. The crew was nowhere in sight though. Ander repaired the wheels on the cart with ease, and the pushed it upright and decided to take it with them and sell the goods. Unfortunately there were no horses so the cart had to be pushed the rest of the way.

With much effort and time, they pushed the cart through the forest, past farms and buildings into the city. The city was enclosed in tall walls and lots of guards. The came up to the gate to enter the city and were stopped by an import guard. He seemed to be a bit disgruntled about them not carrying their import papers, but with a bit of bribery they were quickly on their way inside.

The city was huge, and incredibly busy. The main roads were crowded with all sorts of people or all races. It truly was a grand city. The group left the cart in a nearby alley where Myriin was tasked with guarding it, along with his new flying snake pet he found on the road, while the rest went out to find a blacksmith that may be waiting for the shipment of ingots they found on the carriage.

Myriin was watchful and noticed a little child continually peeking around the corner and looking at him. Multiple times he would try to chase him but with little success. A guard had even stopped by to have a chat and let him know of the dangers of stopping in such places for too long and told him to be on his way quickly. Myriin asked him about any blacksmiths that he would recommend and was told of a man named Kai who produced good equipment. He then left Myriin alone and went on his way.

Meanwhile Ander, Blaargh and Azkaban set forth throughout the city. They went to various blacksmiths they could find to get the best price for the ingots they had brought with them. It seemed like most blacksmiths were well stocked and didn’t require their wares so they had returned to their carriage. Myriin let them know of what he had learned and so they went to Kai.

Kai’s Kai was a tall and lanky elf, with white hair and pale skin. He had a young son with him in the store as well. Myriin and Blaargh went in first to discuss getting a few new weapons made. Blaargh showed the elf the rusted elven sword, and he was shocked. He mentioned that this elven metal should never rust and must have magically been altered to be in this state. He said he will attempt to repair it for him for a small fee. Blaargh agreed and they went on their way.

Later Azkaban and Ander enter into the store posing as the merchants brining the delivery of ingots. Kai seemed happy as his shipment was late, and he wanted to have his materials. Azkaban attempted to pressure him into paying more, however Kai was not having any of it. He quickly showed them that he possessed strong magical powers and told them he wanted his materials for the original price in their contract. Azkaban agreed and quickly went off to not provoke him further.

The group then went to sell off the rest of the goods in the carriage and asked around town about any work they could do. They were directed towards a fighting guild by the local guards. The session ends with them coming to the guild, with hope of new quests to be found.

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