World of Ethos – The Assassination of Eric Storm

The following is a side story in the fantasy world Ethos. I had a small group of people who wanted to try out D&D without committing to a big campaign and this is the result! The characters were one-offs with the idea being that if the players liked the game they could make more complex ones or even continue with the ones they played here. This is their story of what happened to Eric Storm, an unliked son of a Lord in the northern region of Vuraris.

Three women find themselves in a terrible position. They had been blackmailed by an elusive and mysterious group of assassins to carry out a task for them. A man named Joseph had told them of a ship they were to meet at and from there the task will be given.

On board The Fallen Maiden, the women met secretly in a small storage space and for the first time saw the instructions they had been given. A man named Eric Storm was to be killed by them at his high class party the following day. Eric was the son of a high lord in the Norther region of the Vuraris kingdom, lord Brom Storm. He, like his father, were unliked by their lesser country men but in a harsh place like the north people barely survived as is.

The women had overheard some of the other ship passengers talk of delivering goods to the party and had devised a plan. Two of them were to sneak in as entertainers, luckily one of them was a successful bard already. The third had a few friends in high places and was to arrive as a guest.

The scheming continued throughout the ride on the boat, along with some interesting discoveries. The women were curious and had explored every crevice off the boat and had found some very intricate statues of elven gods. There were four in total and each was made form a different precious material. Gold, silver, bronze and ivory. The statues themselves were interesting but what was more interesting was the fact that they were found hidden in bags of herbs.

The women hid away the statues into their bags and finally came ashore. There their work had only begun. A full day of preparation was ahead of them. From making disguises to sharpening their blades. The women had met up once more before the party to trade items and had been unfortunately spotted by some unpleasant company. Two men had blocked them in a small dark alley, eyeing their jewels. Unknown to them the women were more then met the eye. With a few swift moves with their blades the men had been taken care of and the real preparations continued.

The night of the party had come. Split into two teams the women went into action. Two had been part of the entertainment and spent their time on the stage, watching for the lord’s son amongst the crowd and the best time to strike. The third was charming her way through the room, becoming the center of attention that no one could resist, not even Eric.

In no time Eric was intrigued and had made his way to the beautiful woman. The plan had almost worked to get him alone, but a quick whisper from a guard had made Eric turn to anger. The woman overheard a few words and realized the statues they had relocated to their bags were destined for the lord’s son. He was quite upset and retreated to his private quarters swiftly.

Time was running out. A quick glance at her partners in crime and they were off to find a way to her without suspicion. They had taken to the closest servant door and were on their way towards the other side of the palace. After a few blunders they found themselves in Eric’s room. With their instruments in tow the plan was for a ‘private show’.

On the other side the beautiful woman could not do anything else but barge into the private quarters after Eric. After some charm and convincing she was able to calm him down and invite him to his room. Inside they were greeted with the private band.

With some winks to the guards outside and some swift locking of the doors they had an opportunity. Two of them took his arms while the third tried to swiftly disarm him. However they were a bit more suspicious then intended and Eric had figured out their intention. He freed one hand and drew his sword, but the women were faster with their daggers and made quick work of him.

As quickly as the women were brought together for the task they had escaped into the night out of the palace, parting ways. Each carrying one of the elven god statues along with them.

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