About Me


Michaela Farova
Contact me through LinkedIn or my contact page.


Currently studying Computer Engineering at University of Waterloo. I love my program and enjoy learning about the fundamentals of how the hardware and software aspects of computers work. It is a very fascinating field that is constantly evolving and my goal is to be at the forefront of this evolution.


I am currently enrolled in a co-op program at my university. This means that I get to spend 4 months studying and then 4 months working at an internship/co-op job, and this repeats until I graduate. This allows me to get real life experience and try out things I have learned about in school! I am always looking for cool places to work so if you are hiring, send me an email! I have worked at companies such as Electronic Arts,  Desire2Learn and Tangam Systems.


When I find myself having some free time, I have numerous hobbies I enjoy doing. Some of my favourite past times include:

  • coding (see my github!)
  • reading fantasy novels (The Wheel of Time, A Song of Ice and Fire, etc.)
  • painting (see my portfolio)
  • gaming (Dark Souls, Skyrim, HoMM, TF2, see my steam)