About Me

Michaela Farova

I studied Computer Engineering at University of Waterloo and haven’t had time until recently to finally work on my own projects due to it. I have a vast array of hobbies I like and thus this website will probably be a scattered collection of various random things I am currently working on. The intention is to bring all my projects to one place which I can look back on. Hopefully things don’t get overly messy!

You can contact me here if you’d like.


Some hobbies I enjoy are listed below with some cool links you should check out!

  • crochet & knitting (Ravelry)
  • sewing & needle work
  • cooking & baking (yum)
  • pictures (Instagram)
  • finding pretty things! (Pinterest)
  • buying pretty things! (Etsy)
  • reading fantasy novels (The Wheel of Time, A Song of Ice and Fire, etc.)
  • painting (see my portfolio)
  • gaming (Dark Souls, Skyrim, Dragon Age, Cities: Skylines, Starbound, HoMM, etc: Steam)
  • coding (see my GitHub!)
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